How to Choose a Baby Bath Tub – helpful guide

Choosing a bath tub is likely one of the easiest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to acquiring supplies for the new arrival.

There is little in the way of advantages to baby bath tub designs. Your basic tub shape, made of sturdy plastic, preferably with a drain plug in the bottom, will do you for quite a while. About the only essential differences, are whether the bathtub comes with one end that is built up so you can lay an infant back against the elevation while washing them from lower down in the bathtub.

This style of baby bathtub , may come with a non-slip padded surface that doesn’t mildew with use, but which may take a while to dry afterwards. Alternately, you can get “chairs” that are framed with terrycloth covers that create a tilted rest for your child, so you can wash them with ease, and rinse out and hang the cover when you’re done.

Any bathtub that has a reasonable lip to it, for easy moving or carrying, is handy, although sizes do vary some, and you may want to measure them against where you plan to bathe the baby. If you have a bathroom counter that will allow the space for a bathtub and laying the baby afterwards, you’re all set. But if your space is limited, and standing at a sink is more comfortable, you might want a bathtub that is sized to fit in the sink itself so that you can lay the baby on the cupboard afterwards. Working this way is also easier on a parent’s back, than placing the bathtub on the bathroom floor.

Baby Bath Tub


When it comes to your baby – Safety comes first

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your baby unattended in the bathtub for even for a second. If the doorbell is ringing or you must answer the phone, carry him with you, wrapped in a towel. Drowning can occur in less than one inch of water within a minute.