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[Guest Post] The Rebirth of the Decide on Your Personal Adventure Series

This week we welcome Shannon Gilligan from the Chooseco, publisher of the ever-common Select Your Personal Adventure series, who shares about the rebirth of the series for a new generation.

My husband R.A. Montgomery and I formed Chooseco in 2003. Ray was the original series publisher and one particular of its 1st authors, over 40 years ago in 1976! Ray’s work on function-playing simulations for the Peace Corps informed his vision for the Decide on Your Personal Adventure (CYOA) series, written in the second person, exactly where You” were usually offered adult skills and empowered to move by way of the branching narrative by generating a series of critically important choices just before reaching The Finish. Some selections and endings have been far more desirable than other people (at least, in theory).


The re-readability of the books is what drove the early good results of the series. They were so original for the era. They had been also one particular of the first series that had such a wide marketplace appeal – to girls and to boys, to a really wide age range of readers from 8-13, and to accomplished fluent readers as nicely as reluctant readers. Teachers and librarians adored them then and adore them now.

When Ray sold his publishing company, keeping out the series, he identified an agent that submitted it to 14 New York publishers. They all turned it down. Bantam was funding up a children’s imprint. Ray believed the only reason that Bantam purchased it was that they had an adult books editor fielding manuscripts although they staffed the new division.

Bantam wanted six books, far more than Ray could possibly give solo, so he negotiated a key clause: hiring other writers for the series. That became a genuine hallmark. So numerous different points of view coming from the knowledge bases of so numerous different authors created for a genuinely rich series. All through the 1980s and 1990s, CYOA skilled unparalleled achievement. By the late 90s, due to some internal modifications at the original publisher (three mergers in ten years), Bantam steadily let the series go out of print. When rights to his copyrights and the trademark reverted to us, we formed Chooseco in 2003. The timing was auspicious. At this point, many of the original series fans had been beginning to have young children of their own.

We relaunched commercially in 2005 with an initial exclusive to Barnes & Noble. Since then, we has re-issued both new editions of original bestselling Decide on Your Own Adventure titles and published over 25 brand new and original titles. The response has been tremendous: we’ve sold ten million copies considering that the relaunch and it is been terrific to see a new generation of youngsters fall in adore with this format.

Shannon Gilligan Shannon Gilligan began writing fiction for a living soon after graduating from Williams College in 1981. She has written over fifteen books for children, like eleven in the Select Your Personal Adventure series. Her perform has been translated into far more than twenty languages. She spent a decade operating on story-primarily based pc games in the 1990s. Gilligan’s day job is publisher of Chooseco. She lives in Warren, Vermont but travels extensively.

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Entertainment brum: eOne is taking it up a gear with new pre-college series Ricky Zoom

76-77 Ricky Zoom copy
76-77 Katie Rollings

Entertainment One does not greenlight new pre-college shows extremely frequently. In reality, you can quite considerably count its present portfolio of brands in the sector on 1 hand and nevertheless have a couple of digits to spare.

But, with the likes of Peppa Pig, PJ Masks and Ben & Holly’s Magic Kingdom, what eOne lacks in numbers it a lot more than tends to make up for in international broadcasting, licensing and franchising achievement to the tune of millions.

Of course, with a modest team of elite brands like it has, when a new house enters the eOne fold – it really is type of a big deal. Which is why, when the studio declared the arrival of Ricky Zoom in mid 2018, a ripple of excitement was felt across the licensing space for what the most recent property can bring to the space.

When we read the treatment, it was quickly clear that this is a show with real heart and a fantastic neighborhood of characters who just come about to be bikes,” says Katie Rollings, SVP of UK licensing at Entertainment A single.

And the cat’s out of the bag: Ricky Zoom is all about motorbikes. And its series run of 52 11-minute CGI programmes will comply with the adventures of Ricky – the tiny red rescue bike with a zest for speed – and his bike buddies in Loop, Scootio and DJ. Together, they race about the sports track, try out new stunts and zoom into adventure, is the official line.

The far more candid line from eOne’s Rollings is that the studio believes Ricky Zoom has a related relatability of Peppa Pig, since of the experiences of the characters, although it has the aspiration of PJ Masks.”

The action of Ricky Zoom takes spot in the town of Wheelford, a spot tailor created for bikes where Ricky is surrounded by a close-knit community and the show itself is scheduled to launch in selected markets from spring/summer time 2019.

It comes from the producers of PJ Masks, so we have high hopes for it subsequent year,” continues Rollings.

Launching Ricky Zoom is part of our ongoing strategy to develop properties around original content nurturing and sustaining them for the lengthy term. It is the commitment to highly original content that helps keep our position in the pre-school sector.

Entertainment One has already observed a excellent deal of good results with a CGI series in PJ Masks. The fact it has returned to the medium clearly displays a confidence in what CGI delivers to the pre-college space, whilst ensuring it maintains its spot within the eOne portfolio.

Ricky Zom is completely complementary to our other pre-college brands and has all the same hallmarks of quality that they have,” says Rollings. We are wholly committed to creating content primarily based on exceptional storytelling which can engage the fan base at a number of levels.

That principal is at the heart of the achievement of Peppa Pig and PJ Masks and we are confident it will be true of Ricky Zoom as properly. The extraordinary accomplishment of PJ Masks and the global resurgence of Peppa Pig has transformed our organization and proved that we can construct and sustain multiple brands that provide at retail and resonate with audiences on a worldwide level.”

While, yes all 3 brands Rollings speaks of now are pre-school properties, the studio insists that readings dictate that PJ Masks resonates most with boys aged 4 to 5 with a strong secondary appeal to girls, whilst Peppa Pig is predominantly hitting the two to 4 age variety on a gender neutral level.

We for that reason believe that the sweet spot for Ricky Zoom is going to be three year olds with a slight gender bias towards boys,” says Rollings. And it is useful information to know. This will, soon after all, be wielded as a useful tool when tailoring a customer goods programme for the series.

The licensing programme will mainly target boys aged two to five and will be spearheaded by toys as it rolls out its consumer merchandise from autumn/winter this year. TOMY is already on board as the worldwide master toy companion and the initial range will incorporate autos and playsets, like Ricky’s Residence.

This will be followed by publishing, as nicely as a modest range of games and puzzles and a capsule apparel providing.

The home has massive potential in the toy category,” states Rollings. TOMY is bringing an innovative approach to the toy line which is exceptional and as a result, the toy line directly embodies and reflects the DNA of the show.

Our experience with Peppa Pig and PJ Masks has provided us the necessary tools to comprehend what it takes to construct fantastic content material into a lengthy term international brand at every single level and this is a quite very good foundation from which to launch Ricky Zoom.”

Rollings is amongst the first to recognise that the pre-school marketplace is tough. It has been for a although. Competition is fierce and it is becoming an increasingly difficult sector in which to launch a new house. Even so, Rollings is encouraged by the industry’s early response to Ricky Zoom and is optimistic about its probabilities for accomplishment.

One significant adjust in the way we market place pre-college properties has been in the rise in emphasis on encounter and engagement, even for the youngest fans, and this provides us fresh possibilities inside the sector,” explains Rollings.

Amid our chat, Rollings drops the inevitable licensing catchphrase, ‘touchpoints’. It really is grow to be a staple element of the merchandising diet, especially as more and far more buyers and audiences are expecting experiential engagement with the brands they take pleasure in.

Giving fans the opportunity to interact with their favourite characters is something we feel very strongly about at eOne,” she says/ We have a dedicated in-residence team focused on delivering live experiences across all our brands, like Ricky Zoom and appropriate now we are operating on concepts to bring Ricky and the other bike characters to life by way of a suite of reside events and activations.”

Rollings rounds up by stating that essential role Ricky Zoom will go on play in the eOne brand portfolio from this point. But despite the focus the brand will now doubt be getting, she promises that eyes will not be taken off the likes of Peppa Pig and PJ Masks.

Peppa is, soon after all, celebrating an essential anniversary this year, whilst the roll-out for PJ Masks will continue.

Our experience in the pre-college sector has taught us that to allow your brand the very best likelihood of achievement, you need patience and focus and that is what we’ll be applying to all our brands as we handle our expanding portfolio,” she concludes.

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Aurora World scouts toy partners as YooHoo & Friends lands Netflix series


Plush specialist, Aurora Planet is on the lookout for new partners in the toy space as its well-known YooHoo & Buddies brand lands a new Netflix Television series.

A new 3D CGI 52 x 11-minute series called YooHoo to the Rescue is scheduled for a international launch in 20 distinct languages across much more than 190 countries this March. The Netflix Original series follows the adventures of seven animal buddies.

In each and every episode, the animal close friends travel in the Wonderbug to a new destination on Earth to help animals in problems. On the way, they understand information about the Earth’s atmosphere and the true-life challenges facing the planet right now.

The notion on which YooHoo is based is at the heart of ethical considerations in relation to conserving wildlife and our environment,” read a statement from the firm. No one is immune to the challenges we face and what much better way to deliver this message in a simplistic way than by engaging kids by way of cute animals and a fun-packed Television series.”

The licensing programme for the series is spearheaded by Aurora itself, brand owner and manufacturer of the YooHoo plush line. Following a ten year legacy that has noticed YooHoo plush sales exceed 80 million units, Aurora is kickstarting the programme with the launch of 88 SKUs.

Retail presentations are presently taking location with solution scheduled for delivery in March this year. Each and every plush item will carry a hangtag with the name of the character, details about the animal it represents, the NEtflix logo and a QR code supplying digital engagement.

The UK licensing operations for the brand is being headed up by Jane Forbes.

Forbes is at present searching for partners across toys, publishing and apparel. European bargains already secured incorporate Panini, Nutiva, Apple Beauty and Dolfin.

Kennedy Publishing is a long term partner in the UK and Germany.

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NECA Predator Series 18 Figures – Toyark Photo Shoot

Series 18 of NECA‘s long running Predator toy line is in stores now! The newest wave characteristics three characters inspired by Dark Horse Comics’ numerous Predator comics. From Predator: Life & Death you get Hornhead Predator, who pairs up perfectly with the Ultimate Ahab Predator, who was featured in the same series. Machiko Noguchi and the Broken Tusk Predator (aka Dachande) are featured in the classic Aliens vs Predator comic series, and look excellent with any of NECA’s Alien Xenomorph releases. We picked these figures up from sponsor Entertainment Earth. Following the jump, verify out over 65 high resolution images and my thoughts on the figures.

Entertainment Earth

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Predator Series 18 Figures by NECA Toys


  • Excellent sculpt work all around
  • Removable masks operate effectively on Machiko and Hornhead
  • Nice paint work
  • Great weapons on all three figures
  • Hornhead is a single of the greatest regular release Predators because the AvP wave
  • Solid articulation
  • Oft requested Machiko & Broken Tusk ultimately available


  • Hornhead had a handful of paint locked joints
  • Ankles on Machiko were a tiny loose

Overall Predator Series 18 features classic style blister card packaging. Machiko and Broken Tusk every feature a card back with Broken Tusk’s mask in profile view, whilst Hornhead’s card attributes his mask. Artwork from the comic is used on the inserts to show each and every character, whilst the back of the card functions a bio for the characters and show of all three figures from Series 18. Machiko involves a removable mask, a swap out hand, and a gun. Broken Tusk characteristics a extended double edged spear and a gun. Hornhead involves 4 removable wrist gauntlet blades, a removable mask, and a sword and sheath.

Broken Tusk Predator and Machiko Noguchi Machiko and Dachande have been possibly the two most requested Predator characters prior to their reveals. For years, I would see fans requesting these two on each NECA’s Twitter and Facebook pages. With these two lastly seeing a release, a lot of Dark Horse Comics fans have the two huge fan favorites obtainable to them. Even though I in no way was into the comics, I can absolutely realize their appeal. Machiko was a lengthy operating character with a complicated story arc that saw her at 1st fighting Aliens and Predators prior to joining a Yautja hunting party herself. Dachande was her predecessor, and the 1 who blooded” the character, allowing her to turn out to be a hunter.

Broken Tusk has insanely detailed armor, as he wears pieces of the Xenomorphs he’s killed as protection. The Xenomorph head on his chest is both silly and exciting at the exact same time, and NECA did a good job blendign the Xeno biology into the technological armor pieces that he put on. Dachande is vibrant and colorful, and will undoubtedly stand out in any Predator collection. Paint perform is exceptional here, with NECA breaking up the solid green of the armor with silver wiring and darker paint washes. His two weapons are outstanding. The spear is insanely long, with surprisingly sharp edges, but can separate in the middle if needed. The gun has a good (plastic) shoulder strap, and the figure can easily hold it with both hands. Joints had been great right here, and I did not run into any paint lock problems.

Machiko is much smaller sized than most Predator releases, standing about six.5″ tall. NECA did a good job of Sculpting Machiko right here, as she’s got a sleek style with out it feeling pervy (as some businesses have tended to sway with their renditions). The armor has a wonderful battle tested appear to it, and the netting is nicely painted here against a pretty natural searching skin tone. Paint lines were clean, and the armor has a dirty metallic look that function completely. The bio mask has two wires that can connect to the shoulder cannon, but I chose not to as I would be fiddling with the figure. The mask is removable, revealing the human female portrait underneath. The appear of the face has certainly split fans. Some like the a lot more realistic Japanese face, whilst other fans were hoping for a a lot more comic correct appear. With no individual ties to the comic, I was fine with the face myself. Machiko’s articulation is amazing, with a great range of motion. The smaller scale armor assists a lot in posing. Her ankles were a bit loose on mine, making it a tiny difficult to preserve standing for extended.

Hornhead Predator Even though also a Dark Horse comics character, Hornhead is from an completely separate series of books than Broken Tusk and Machiko. In the comics, he is the leader of a Predator clan that arrives on LV-223, where the Ahab Predator had joined a group of Colonial Marines. Horhead is challenged to a duel by Ahab for manage of the clan. Horhead ultimately falls in battle against the far more seasoned Ahab.

This figure wound up becoming one particular of the ideal looking current Predator figures. As a common, non-Ultimate, release, Hornhead is most likely the greatest given that the AvP waves. The figure has a great, stripped down Predator look, with nicely scuffed metallic armor pieces. two enormous detachable blades on each and every arm, and a killer searching sword. Paint work is extremely robust right here, with just a misaligned bit of red on one particular of the bio masks eyes. The paint function o nthe body is genuinely impressive. Not only do they have detailed skin perform, with multiple colors fading into every single other, but solid paint work o nthe netting that covers the whole figure. The unmaaked portrait is outstanding, with a really devilish look to the design and style and impressive detail work with the paint. Articulation is really solid right here. Of the three, Hornhead did give me the most difficulty with his joints. His hips and elbows both were locked tight by the clear coat and paint, and took cautious function with a hair dryer to loosen them up.

Outside of a few minor issues, this is a stellar wave for the Predator line. Fans looking to expand outdoors of the film figures have been obtaining some wonderful releases lately, and this assortment is no various. With two fan favourite characters and a genuinely strong third figure, this is a definite need to purchase wave. Check out some select pictures below, and the full gallery following that.










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