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Study the Jan/Feb problem of ToyNews on the internet and in print now

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The January/February problem of ToyNews has landed in time for the London Toy Fair and is offered to study on your laptop, iPad or intelligent device right here.

Exclusive news, large interviews and important, market-major attributes make up this year’s Jan/Feb edition of ToyNews.

We kick off proceedings with an in-depth chat with Thoughts Candy’s CEO Ian Chambers about the long awaited return of Moshi Monsters and what makes Flair its perfect toy partner.

We go behind the scenes at Zimpli Youngsters to locate out what six billion YouTube hits actually implies for the UK’s slime specialists, take a trip to the Nordics to uncover the newest developments in bringing sustainability into the toy space, just before celebrating one hundred years of Gibsons with Kate Gibson and the group.

Meanwhile, ToyNews shines a spotlight on the up and coming sector executives shaping the toy company of the future in our annual 30 below 30 feature, discover the retelling of retail’s story and dive into the world of media preparing with Generation Media.

In our Licensing section of the magazine, we take a look at the greatest IP to be hitting the toy shelves for 2019 in our run of exclusive interviews before exploring the great globe of children’s books.

From here, we take you on a tour on the company’s you just have to pay a visit to across this year’s toy fair season, no matter whether you are in London or Nuremberg or producing your way more than to the NEC for Spring Fair in February.

There’s all this and much more in this year’s January/February concern of ToyNews.

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Kidrobot x Sanrio Aggretsuko Vinyl Art Figures Obtainable On-line Now!

We all have a element of us that desires to go full workplace space soon after our jobs, that’s why Aggretusko is so straightforward to empathize with. Here to speak about our new Kidrobot x Aggresuko figures in typical and rage is our very good pal Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking!

I could have never predicted that a red panda would all of a sudden be looked upon as my spirit animal, but Kidrobot has but once more changed my way of pondering since of a vinyl figure. I would have thought it would have been perhaps a tiger, or a single of those deadly small sand cats (appear them up and be satisfied the rest of the day) but nope, it really is a death metal loving cartoon character created by Sanrio.

Her name is Aggretsuko and she has been functioning the corporate life in Japan for far as well long. She is below tremendous pressure from her boss and to relieve her frustration she sings death metal karaoke. Is that genuinely a thing you can do in Japan? I’ve never been there myself but from what I’ve noticed online it doesn’t sound out of the query. People spend excellent cash to eat at a

restaurant there that is produced to look like a prison, so belting out a few songs about dismemberment with inebriated businessmen isn’t that strange by comparison.

Our little red panda pal isn’t angry all the time, which is why there are two versions of this vinyl figure to choose from. There is the sweet, innocent, and beyond adorable one that is the picture of serenity. Then there’s the 1 that is super aggressive in a grab you by the soul rip it out and step on it in a pile of broken glass sort of way. Guess which one speaks to me the most? Each versions are available now at




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  • Kidrobot x Sanrio Aggretsuko Vinyl Art Figures Obtainable On-line Now! 2
  • Kidrobot x Sanrio Aggretsuko Vinyl Art Figures Obtainable On-line Now! 3

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Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc 8″ Dunny Online Now!

A previously crafted style with Kidrobot and Jesse Hernandez we decided to dust off the concept and bring this godly piece to life in 2018. Right after the achievement of Jesse Hernandez x Foot Locker in Occasions square we knew that this was the ideal time to share his talents with the rest of the Kidrobot collector. Here to say a little anything else about the new Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez 8″ Tlaloc Dunny is our great friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.

It’s been very a whilst considering that Kidrobot has graced us with an eight inch Dunny designed by vinyl toy OG Jesse Hernandez and this figure has created the the wait beyond worth it. Feast your eyes on all the sculpted details that make this Tlaloc Dunny stand out from any that have come just before it. Dude’s got a lot more nooks and crannies than an English muffin and is so packed full of detail just seeking at it possibly supplies you with most of your every day advisable calories. claims have not been evaluated by the National Council on Nutrition

For these of you unaware, Tlaloc belongs to the pantheon of Aztec Gods and is responsible for producing it rain. So I thought perhaps he’d get pleasure from a evening out. We went to a club, ordered a round of drinks for the whole location, then when it came time to pay the tab I mentioned Do your factor, Tlaloc” and placed him on the bar. Absolutely nothing happened. He just sat there, staring at me with those large spooky eyes. Not only did he not make it rain but he didnt even make it drizzle. Left me higher and dry with an embarrassing appear on my face and a sinking feeling in my wallet. I am starting to think his idea of generating it rain is a little various from mine.

Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc 8″ Dunny Online Now! 4
Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc KR exclusive: 200 pieces
Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc 8″ Dunny Online Now! 5
Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez 8″ Tlaloc Dunny

There is three various versions of this undesirable boy to gather and two of them can be obtained straight from Kidrobot. There’s the normal edition, which on it really is own appears menacing adequate, and there is the Kidrobot.com exclusive (limited to 200 pieces) red and black edition that looks like the cover of an Aztec metal album that I want existed in real life. Both are obtainable now at www.kidrobot.com.

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  • Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc 8″ Dunny Online Now! 7
  • Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc 8″ Dunny Online Now! 8

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Kidrobot x Haru the Konpietō Fairy 8″ Dunny Online Now!

Haru is named soon after the Japanese word for Spring” and the Korean word for Day,” and they will brighten your collection in ways you never ever imagined! Haru is filled with mini GID Dunny pals and Konpeito candies”, a standard Japanese present use to thank guests. Haru couldn’t be much more excited to join your Dunny collection and its offered online now at www.Kidrobot.com! Still not convinced? Right here is a tiny added something from our friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking on this new Kidrobot Dunny…..

This time of year can be rough with the days being so short and the climate sort of gloomy, so how amazing is it that Kidrobot is not only kicking off 2019 with a brand new eight inch Dunny, but one that is as smile inducing as this a single! This is Haru, whose name roughly translates to Spring Day, which is way much more fitting than if it meant something like Bringer of Decapitations” , since this dude is a stationary ray of sunshine. And do you see what his clear body is filled with? If you answered glow in dark mini Dunnys you happen to be halfway right, because he’s also filled with konpeito, a kind of Japanese candy offered out to guests. All of the guests in my residence leave with a healthy amount of cat hair attached to their clothing, but candy is great as well I guess.

You could commence your year off with a pile of resolutions that will be forgotten by March, or you could score your self a ticket to visual happiness. Plus, if you get a bunch of them they will save you a ton on your electric bill. That’s probably not correct, but I’d actually like a person to get adequate glow in the dark toys to give it a attempt and let us know if it functions.

Haru 8 Dunny front
Haru 8 Dunny back
Kidrobot x Haru 8 exclusive Dunny
Kidrobot x 8 Haru Dunny

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