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Heavy investment in pocket cash lines important to Zuru’s global growth

5 surprise S2 Campaign

Zuru has highlighted its collectables and pocket funds brands as crucial to developing its business on a international level.

In a statement released by the firm this week, it detailed that establishing themes and premium offerings at worth price tag-points will remain at the centre of of its extended-term technique.

As such, Zuru declared it is committed to investing in “complete and robust marketing campaigns” for lines like its latest 5 Surprise and Cotton Candy ranges, and will kick off with a raft of exclusive digital content material and media campaigns.

A new wave of five Surprise blind collectable capsules will hit the UK marketplace from February 2019, and comprehensive branded content material on Youtube has currently accomplished nearly one million views inside the initial 3 weeks of availability.

Influencer seeding is also element of the social and digital media outreach, extending reach among essential figures.

While digital content material and targeting is key for communicating the new ‘Lucky Dip’ theme, new colour-methods, and ‘100+ surprise toys to collect’ messaging, Television will help the showcasing of the brand across Sky, Turner, ITV, and Disney channels.

In-store support is also a priority with an updated packaging style and merchandise POS clearly communicating the surprise unboxing to bring a refreshed consumer experience.

Meanwhile, Cotton Candy Cuties incorporate six slow-rise characters to collect, such as Caramel Pudding and Unicorn. Little ones can also add to their compound collection with Cotton Candy refill pops.

A complete 360-degree advertising campaign is supporting the launch, starting last month with Youtube and Influencer content, which has currently hit almost two million views.

TV marketing will follow with a dedicated TVC from the beginning of February by way of each satellite and totally free-to-air channels, in addition to in-retailer POS and PR outreach.

“Our collectables and pocket-funds brands are important growth drivers for the enterprise and element of our extended-term method is to continue building themes and premium offerings at worth cost-points’, mentioned Renee Lee, global advertising manager, ZURU.

“We’re committed to investing in complete and robust marketing campaigns about our impulse-buy ranges such as five SURPRISE and Oosh to very best help our clients and reach our buyers.”

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