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DC Collectibles Solicitations – Red Hood and Batman Black and White Statue Set

Yesterday, we shared new DC Collectibles pre-orders that went up by way of Sideshow Collectibles (check out those images and specifics Here). Nowadays, the full DC Collectibles solicitations list for the month has been released. These new items are set for a September release. Of note, there are two items that had been not part of the pre-orders from yesterday:

You can find these official solicitations information after the jump.

DC ESSENTIALS: RED HOOD ACTION FIGURE DC ESSENTIALS is a line of 7″ action figures primarily based on DC characters with universal appeal, accessible to each longtime collectors and these just starting out. These figures deliver genuine detail from a organization with two decades’ encounter producing high-quality action figures. Joining the collection is the enigmatic and violent Red Hood. As soon as a Robin and now a vigilante outlaw, the man under the hood is really proficient in both weaponry and hand-to-hand combat, and this figure showcases both sides of his skills and persona. Highly poseable and with a modest arsenal of weapons to equip, this Red Hood is a fantastic addition for action figure collectors. • Figure measures six.96″ tall • Allocations could occur • Final goods may possibly differ from images shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2019 $26.00 US


BATMAN: BLACK & WHITE MINI FIGURE 7-PACK BOX SET THREE DC Collectibles’ longest-running line, the BATMAN BLACK & WHITE statue series has captured the hearts of collectors and comic-fans alike with its interpretations of the World’s Greatest Detective and select Gotham City characters from the industry’s brightest stars. Starting in 2019, DC Collectibles is making an all-new offshoot of the beloved black-and-white collectibles, this time in 3.75″ tall PVC figures. Released in sets of seven, including resized rereleases of some of the most well-liked statues in the line’s history, each and every set will come with six previously available mini figures plus one exclusive, never ever-just before-released edition only obtainable in this set. Shipping September 2019 is Box Set 3, which is priced at $40 and attributes figures (all figures are Batman unless otherwise noted) from: – Jim Lee – Dustin Nguyen – Mike Mignola – Sean Cheeks” Galloway – Batman: Arkham Asylum – Jim Lee (The Joker) – And an exclusive Andy Kubert mini figure in no way prior to accessible in retailers. • Figures measure around 3.75″ tall • Allocations may occur • Final products could differ from photos shown ON SALE SEPTEMBER 2019 $40.00 US With the exception of the Andy Kubert figure, these items will be provided in yet another marketplace in person blind bags.

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