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Sturdy Christmas for Character Choices beats retail woes


Character Choices has observed the company momentum reported in November continue into the new economic year, the firm told investors this week.

Ahead of the company’s annual meeting it has reported that functionality and prospects” have remained in line with management expectations, buoyed by a ‘broad portfolio of toys and brands,’ that have helped underpin growth.

The Peppa Pig and Pokémon toys rights owner stated that despite disappointing performances reported by a number of retailers in recent weeks, our products maintained their recognition via the Christmas period, selling-by way of well at retail, and demand for our merchandise is continuing.”

In the identical update, Character acknowledged that the US continued to be challenging” although the remainder of its overseas markets have been steady”.

The addition of Slo Squishes, Cra.Z.Slimy, Mashems and Treasure X have all helped the firm’s growth.

In October, Character took a 55 per cent stake in the Danish toy distributor OVG-PROXY, which is benefiting from logistical support from the wider group. A short-term setback arrived in the type of one particular of its main clients going bust.

In any event, recent events in the market have shown that the industry share of fallen retailers is quickly absorbed by other established retailers,” the firm told investors.

In the situations, we remains confident that the acquisition will prove to be beneficial to the group.”

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