Sunglasses baby boy & girl models, 100% UV protection

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Enjoy the sun with your baby in a secure way!


SECURITY: The lenses of the Kiddus Baby Premium sunglasses have a UV400 filter, the maximum protection against the harmful UVA rays. Because of this they’re secure to use. It is highly Really useful to give protection to children and babies against the ultraviolet rays, as their eye retina is still developing and it is rather sensitive.

MORE COMFORT FOR YOUR BABY: They have got a neoprene band instead of temples, as the temples might bother your child and change the sunglasses from position when the baby is moving. With the neoprene band your baby can lay down or comfortably sit down down, with no problem.

THEY ADAPT TO YOU, because the neoprene band is adjustable on both sides, which allows to fit them easily to the head of the baby, even when laying down, and even as growing up. Really useful age from 0 to 2 years old.

FREE MICROFIBER POUCH, to keep your sunglasses safe inside your bag, and also to clean them with the soft microfiber material.

PROTECTED WITH STYLE: Select the Premium security of Kiddus, without losing style.


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