TMNT 1990 Film Foot Soldier 1/four Scale Figure Update

So freakin excited for these!! I don’t have the words to express how transcendently lovely these 1990 Turtles are to me, as I’m confident they are to a lot of people. I keep in mind it vividly, my brother and I won tickets to the film by way of a kids breakfast show that was on at the time here in Australia. We watched it religiously, largely due to the fact they had the Turtles in their line-up of cartoons of course. It was the quite very first factor we’d ever won, and the palpable shock of pure joy and happiness that shot via our bodies realizing that we had somehow managed to score tickets to the first reside-action iteration of our beloved Turtles on the large-screen, and in the ideal cinema in town no much less, was and is really one of my fondest childhood memories.

I remember my younger brother and I could barely sit nevertheless as the previews rolled and we fidgeted and fumbled in our seats, actually sitting correct on the edge as we braced ourselves in anticipation, chatting frantically about how great and realistic the Jim Henson-engineered practical puppetry looked, who our favourite Turtle was and why, how unbelievably comfy the plush cinema seats we had been fortunate enough to be sitting in were, which undesirable-guys the teenage ninjas would face, and something and every thing else that was operating a million-miles-a-second by way of our hyper-active over-excited sugar-fuelled brains!

NECAs figures bring all of that beautiful nostalgia flooding straight back, and just make me so damn satisfied. To me these are a symbol, an almost mystic talisman of all that was exciting and magical about that unique time. Effectively done NECA, I’m all in.

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