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How long have you been in the sector and how did you start out?

We began in 2005. My wife and I quit our jobs and travelled the globe for two years and spent a lot of evenings playing card games with other travellers over a beer.

It was exactly where I realised that there were no portable games about travelling as they are all board games so decided to invent a game to fill that gap, and came up with Backpacker – The Ultimate Travel Game.

What in innovation is Wild Card games bringing to the sector?

Our background in retail, advertising, new solution improvement and marketplace analysis means that all our games are based on identified gaps in the market, completely tested ahead of launch and we are continually adding new lines like 1st to Worst and Guessed List.

Several of our goods like the board game Ski Run, or Astronauts card game are targeted at huge niches, as interests can frequently assist buyers make purchasing decisions when faced with a decision of dozens of games.

Wild Card Games’ mission is to create games that promote sub-conscious learning through play and appeal to youngsters, families, parents, adults, educators and retailers alike by focusing on being easy, enjoyable and simple to find out, but with hidden strategic depth which indicates that you in no way develop also old or bored to want to play.

How have the previous 12 months been for you?

We had another great sales year and are swiftly approaching the £6 million in UK retail sales.

We signed up new essential accounts with the large retailers, started supplying many new independents and continued to expand our range with our current retail consumers. New games six Suits and Globe Runner each won awards and several games have been endorsed by the Excellent Toy Guide.

What have been the most significant successes for Wild Card Games to date?

Mapominoes is our largest selling game. A leading seller in leading retailers and on Amazon this transportable award winning game is enjoyable, simple to understand, educational and highly addictive. It is like dominoes but with maps, as you develop a map of Europe by connecting bordering countries. First to play all their country cards on the table wins.

Our games like Who Knows Where, Backpacker, Frenzi and Ski Run are also established leading sellers in leading retailers both in the high street and on the internet, and we have lately had sturdy development from our award winners Astronauts, Arithmanix and Globe Runner.

What are the largest challenges?

Last year was challenging for a lot of little independent retailers and we try to assistance them in store with promotional point of sale, help with demos, national press coverage and sales aids.

We also have cost-free delivery on a low order of just £130 or much more and discounts offered at the show for both existing and new clients to encourage them to place a first order.

We then pride ourselves on our long term relationships that we have constructed up with retailers more than many years as they continue to take far more and more of our range.

What does 2019 hold in shop for you?

We had a great year in 2018 and we anticipate this to continue in 2019 when we will break by means of the £6 million barrier in the UK, with a lot more retailers coming on board all the time, current consumers taking a lot more of our merchandise and new lines added to our range like 1st to Worst & Guessed List.

We are arranging to redevelop our website, a couple new apps of our games, and launch two new games and a social media phenomenon.

We also hope to publish the extended overdue and heavily in demand expansion deck for Backpacker, so ought to be very busy.

Toy Fair is constantly massive for us exactly where lots or retailers order to take benefit of our show offers with ten per cent off standard costs for our new merchandise like 1 to Worst and Guessed List and 5 per cent off all our other games.

We are also hunting overseas for partners to support us repeat our UK achievement in North America and Europe.

What inspired you to get into the toy sector?

I’m from a family members of game players, and had an idea that filled a gap in the industry and combined my two loves of travel and games. So I invented Backpacker – The only game about travelling the world that is small enough to take on holiday.

What a single game from past or present would you always recommend to a friend?

Frenzi – It is the fastest game in the planet and easy, riotous entertaining for all

You’re trapped in an lift – how do you pass the time?

Assuming there are other people, I’d play 1 to Worst, which is a fantastic how well do I know you” or receiving to know you” celebration game for families, friends, couples and even new acquaintances.

Based on all the classic conversations individuals have about preferences and who or what is the ideal, the aim of the game is to properly guess yet another player’s order of preference from 3 choices.

If I was on my own I’d use the time to believe of a new game idea – perhaps 1 about escaping from a trapped lift!

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