Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc 8″ Dunny Online Now!

A previously crafted style with Kidrobot and Jesse Hernandez we decided to dust off the concept and bring this godly piece to life in 2018. Right after the achievement of Jesse Hernandez x Foot Locker in Occasions square we knew that this was the ideal time to share his talents with the rest of the Kidrobot collector. Here to say a little anything else about the new Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez 8″ Tlaloc Dunny is our great friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking.

It’s been very a whilst considering that Kidrobot has graced us with an eight inch Dunny designed by vinyl toy OG Jesse Hernandez and this figure has created the the wait beyond worth it. Feast your eyes on all the sculpted details that make this Tlaloc Dunny stand out from any that have come just before it. Dude’s got a lot more nooks and crannies than an English muffin and is so packed full of detail just seeking at it possibly supplies you with most of your every day advisable calories. claims have not been evaluated by the National Council on Nutrition

For these of you unaware, Tlaloc belongs to the pantheon of Aztec Gods and is responsible for producing it rain. So I thought perhaps he’d get pleasure from a evening out. We went to a club, ordered a round of drinks for the whole location, then when it came time to pay the tab I mentioned Do your factor, Tlaloc” and placed him on the bar. Absolutely nothing happened. He just sat there, staring at me with those large spooky eyes. Not only did he not make it rain but he didnt even make it drizzle. Left me higher and dry with an embarrassing appear on my face and a sinking feeling in my wallet. I am starting to think his idea of generating it rain is a little various from mine.

Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez Tlaloc KR exclusive: 200 pieces
Kidrobot x Jesse Hernandez 8″ Tlaloc Dunny

There is three various versions of this undesirable boy to gather and two of them can be obtained straight from Kidrobot. There’s the normal edition, which on it really is own appears menacing adequate, and there is the exclusive (limited to 200 pieces) red and black edition that looks like the cover of an Aztec metal album that I want existed in real life. Both are obtainable now at

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