Kidrobot x Haru the Konpietō Fairy 8″ Dunny Online Now!

Haru is named soon after the Japanese word for Spring” and the Korean word for Day,” and they will brighten your collection in ways you never ever imagined! Haru is filled with mini GID Dunny pals and Konpeito candies”, a standard Japanese present use to thank guests. Haru couldn’t be much more excited to join your Dunny collection and its offered online now at! Still not convinced? Right here is a tiny added something from our friend Chris Holt aka The Toy Viking on this new Kidrobot Dunny…..

This time of year can be rough with the days being so short and the climate sort of gloomy, so how amazing is it that Kidrobot is not only kicking off 2019 with a brand new eight inch Dunny, but one that is as smile inducing as this a single! This is Haru, whose name roughly translates to Spring Day, which is way much more fitting than if it meant something like Bringer of Decapitations” , since this dude is a stationary ray of sunshine. And do you see what his clear body is filled with? If you answered glow in dark mini Dunnys you happen to be halfway right, because he’s also filled with konpeito, a kind of Japanese candy offered out to guests. All of the guests in my residence leave with a healthy amount of cat hair attached to their clothing, but candy is great as well I guess.

You could commence your year off with a pile of resolutions that will be forgotten by March, or you could score your self a ticket to visual happiness. Plus, if you get a bunch of them they will save you a ton on your electric bill. That’s probably not correct, but I’d actually like a person to get adequate glow in the dark toys to give it a attempt and let us know if it functions.

Haru 8 Dunny front
Haru 8 Dunny back
Kidrobot x Haru 8 exclusive Dunny
Kidrobot x 8 Haru Dunny

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