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How to Choose a Baby Bath Tub – helpful guide

Choosing a baby bath tub is likely one of the easiest decisions you’ll have to make when it comes to acquiring supplies for the new arrival. Basically, if it holds water, you’re all set.
There is little in the way of advantages to baby bath tub designs. Your basic tub shape, made of sturdy plastic, preferably with a drain plug in the bottom, will do you for quite a while. About the only essential differences, are whether the tub comes with one end that is built up so you can lay an infant back against the elevation, while washing them with water from lower down in the tub.
This style of baby bath tub , may come with a non-slip padded surface that doesn’t mildew with use, but which may take a while to dry afterwards. Alternately, you can get “chairs” that are frames with terrycloth covers that create a tilted rest for your child, so you can wash them with ease, and rinse out and hang the cover when you’re done.

Any tub that has a reasonable lip to it, for easy moving or carrying, is handy, although sizes do vary some, and you may want to measure them against where you plan to bath your baby. If you have a bathroom counter that will allow the space for a tub and laying the baby afterwards, you’re all set. But if your space is limited, and standing at a sink is more comfortable, you might want a tub that is sized to fit in the sink itself, so that you can lay the baby on the cupboard afterwards. Working this way is also easier on a parent’s back, than placing the tub on the bathroom floor.

Some parents will also choose a baby bathtub that folds up, for when they are traveling or visiting relatives. If you are interested in these, surf the Internet for the brand name, and see what consumer reports and user reviews have to say. Check for essential points such as whether there is leakage where the ends of the tub fold in, and if the tub comes with locking mechanisms that prevent an accidental collapse.

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Bathing Your Newborn – helpful answer

Your newborn baby is so small and tender that giving him a bath might be a little scary. However, in spite of all your concerns, you will find that bathing the baby will soon be a fun thing for both him and you.

For the first few days, stick to a sponge bath, only wetting the towel in warm water and giving a baby a thorough sponging with it. Once the umbilical cord stump falls off, baby is ready for his foray into water.

Water, Water everywhere
Make sure that the towel, soap, shampoo and sponge are all at hand before you begin.

Fill baby’s portable bath tub with not more than 3 inches of water. Check if baby’s bath water is just the right temperature (which is a bit warm and not more than 120 degrees Fahrenheit).

Most babies usually cry through their bath for the initial months until they begin to enjoy it.

Immerse your baby slowly into the tub, feet first, and use your left hand to support his neck and head. Let him get a feel of the water and with your free hand, splash the water lightly over his body.

Wet the sponge and use mild baby soap to wash his body. Do not use soap on his face. Wash his scalp with a cloth and clean the corners of his eyes and nose with moistened cotton balls.

There is no need to draw back the foreskin to clean a baby boy’s genitals; wash the penis with soap as you would do for any other part of his body.

Use a mild shampoo, squeezing out a little bit on you palm first.

Lift him up from the tub and wrap him in a towel. Once you’ve dried his hair, work on the rest of his body.

A mild body lotion will make him smell good and feel soft, although it is not necessary to use powder or lotion on babies. Diaper and dress him, and presto! You are done.
If your baby is a bath-hater, it is not necessary to make him go through the ordeal everyday especially in the pre-crawling stage. Giving him a sponge bath regularly and a bath every other day will keep him clean enough.

Safety comes first
Make sure you follow these safety measures while bathing your baby.

Don’t make the mistake of leaving your baby unattended in the bath for even for a second. If the doorbell is ringing or you must answer the phone, carry him with you, wrapped in a towel. Drowning can occur in less than one inch of water within a minute.

Baby’s bath water should not be too cold or too warm. Always test the water before you begin.
Wet babies are slippery babies. Take extra care while you hold baby in the bath.

Bathing baby immediately after a meal is not a good idea as it might result in his spitting up.

Never run the water with baby in the bath cause a sudden change of temperature can be dangerous.

Bathing baby only takes a little practice (which you will soon get) before you learn to do it just right for your baby.


It’s Infant Bath o’clock!

Baby’s first bath. It can be a little unnerving, especially if you are a new mother and never given a newborn a bath. Don’t worry though, you’ll do just fine. Mothers have been giving babies a bath since the beginning of time. Today is much safer with all the new types of tubs designed just for infants and toddlers. And many babies love getting a bath!

Your newborn should just get sponge baths for the first couple of weeks at home or until the umbilical cord heals. Since your baby doesn’t need a bath every day, you can give sponge baths twice a week or as often as you feel is necessary. It is important to go ahead and gather everything you will need before you start. And here is the equipment you will need to bath a newborn:

* 1. thick towels or a sponge-type bath cushion
* 2. soft washcloths
* 3. bath seat for basin or sink
* 4. cotton balls
* 5. baby shampoo and baby soap (non-irritating)
* 6. hooded baby towel
* 7. clean diaper and clothing

Make sure the room you are using is warm (around 75 degrees F). Place a non-skid cushion or towel at the bottom of the seat/tub so your baby will not slide around (little ones are very slippery). Run warm water (between 90 to 100 degrees or warm to the inside of your wrist) into the sink/tub. Gently undress your baby while talking in a soothing voice, explaining what you are doing. Place the baby in the water slowly.

Start with the face with just a little bit of baby soap. Next, wash the head, and continue moving downwards. When bathing your baby, make sure to clean the following areas (and creases) thoroughly: neck, ears, buttocks and groin area. Try not to get the umbilical cord area wet; gently clean with a cotton ball dipped in alcohol. And if your son is circumcised, try not to move the foreskin back when cleaning the groin area. Once you have the front clean, then finish with the back side.

Dry your baby thoroughly and then dress them. Make sure the head is completely dry. The first time may take a little bit of time because they will squirm and they are very slippery. But never take your hands off your baby. Once you both get used to this routine, it will be extremely easy. Have fun!


Five Tips On How To Make Bath Time Fun And Safe For

There are babies who love the feel of splashes of water, who enjoy taking a bath and look forward to this activity everyday. On the other hand, there are those who are terrified just at the sight of the tub, who are scared to be dipped in the water.

Whichever your kid is, there are certain ways you can do to ensure that bath time is safe for your kid and fun for both of you.

Tip Number 1: Talk with your kid gently while you bathe him. More often than not, he will be interested in what you say even though he does not yet completely understand you. Talking to him will also give him an assurance that he’s safe and there’s nothing to be scared of. Say things like, “I’m now washing your hair with this sweet smelling shampoo!” or “Now it’s time for a rub-a-dub. Let’s go soap this cute little body of yours!”

Tip Number 2: Sing to your kid or play nice and fun songs while he takes a bath. Kids love music especially those upbeat ones. Once he’s learned to associate these fun songs and also your singing which he loves no matter if it’s out of tune or not with taking a bath, he’ll eventually love and enjoy these baths.

Tip Number 3: Give your kid bath toys to play with during his tub time. A squeaky toy like a rubber duckie or a bath puppet like Baby Einstein puppet would definitely keep your baby entertained while you clean him from head to toe. This will show him that baths are not scary but are also a fun time to play.

Tip Number 4: Use child-safe and durable bath tubs. And always be careful in handling your kid during baths. Remember, babies are slippery when wet. It’s good if you have someone to assist you during the bath and help you get hold of your baby especially if he’s the energetic kind who loves to kick around and splash water on your face. It’s also smart to place the tub on top of a rubber mat to prevent the tub from slipping.

Tip Number 5: Bathe your kid in lukewarm but not hot water. Adjust the temperature of your water heater to 120 degrees Fahrenheit or 48.9 degrees Celsius. Water that is too hot may scald or burn your baby and water that is too cold might scare him.

It’s important that you encourage your kid to love taking a bath because this is a very important part of personal hygiene and good grooming. Positive outlook on baths and good bathing habits are contributory to good health.

Give him toys that will incite his creative imagination. Building blocks are ideal toys for this age, not only because it works to improve fine motor skills but also encourage your kid to use his imagination to build. Stacking toys such as stackable cups and pails are also exciting for your kid and will also be good for the stimulation of his creativity.

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